Platform lifts are essential elements in the assembly and production of events, guaranteeing efficiency and safety when carrying out all types of work at height. Whether they are articulated, scissor or vertical mast platforms, these versatile machines will make each event unique.

Due to the ephemeral nature of this type of project, hiring a platform lift is the best option to consider in order to have the necessary equipment for the preparation of the event.

All the work at height that is carried out to prepare an event, a concert or a film set requires the use of lifting platforms. The variety of platform types means that these types of machines offer the adaptability needed in the entertainment industry to achieve a highly creative and safe experience. Their versatility allows them to be present on the largest stages, on film sets, and at parties and events of various kinds.

Rodaje en Elizondo del anuncio de Lotería de Navidad 2021 para RTVE, con plataformas de Universal.

Filming of the Christmas Lottery 2021 commercial for RTVE in the town of Elizondo (Navarra), with Universal Platforms platforms.

Whether it is to install the lighting and sound system, for dramatic scenes with performers or to raise cameras for an aerial perspective, lifting platforms for people and materials offer different solutions that adapt to the needs of each objective. Their load capacity allows heavy equipment to be lifted to great heights and technicians to be moved vertically with horizontal reach, while being able to negotiate obstacles, as in the case of articulated platforms.

When it comes to lifting cameras into the ideal position, aerial lifts guarantee perfect live TV transmission. No impact on the environment and allowing viewers to see the whole event up close, whether it’s a race, a match or any other mass event.

Another unique feature of this equipment is the low noise level and emission-free operation. This makes them ideal for all-day operation without disturbing or interfering with the event, as well as working in enclosed spaces.

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